october calendar – oct 30

do you have any pictures from your experiences with lemon balm this month? if so, we’d love to have them posted on our flicker page!

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    I was trying to find a place to contact you but couldn't…I wanted to ask…what if you don't have rosemary or some of the other herbs growing nearby? How would you use the workbook? (the crafts, recipes, etc.) Thanks!!

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    hi jenn.

    you should be able to find fresh rosemary in the produce section of the grocery store. they generally sell them in little plastic boxes.

    also, for rosemary, you might want to check at local garden stores. they are probably starting to get plants in for the holiday season to sell as miniature holiday trees.

    you can also use dried for most of the recipes (it wouldn't work for the wreath craft). i've listed resources in the back of herbal roots on where to find reliable sources for dried herbs such as mountain rose and frontier herbs. if you belong to a buying club/coop, you can generally buy through them as well.

    good luck! i hope you are able to find some.

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    thank you for your ideas!! will be looking into that mountain rose herbs and seeing if the local store has herbs for sale in bulk (i have never seen rosemary like that before, only cilantro and parsley…but i'll check again)

    we live in such a tiny little town that our choices are very limited

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