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Monthly PDF zine delivered directly to your email inbox on the last Friday of each month. Each issue focuses on one herb, teaching through stories, games, songs, crafts, recipes and more. To see what herbs will be written about in the upcoming issues, visit our upcoming issue page.

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Are you looking for a course to teach your children about herbs?

Want to learn about herbs with your child?

Want an easy format to teach yourself or your kids about herbs that makes sense and actually clicks?

Herbal Roots gives you the tools necessary to make herbal learning easy, fun and memorable. And it’s affordable!!

“Herbal Roots zine is a course in itself…!!”

…an ongoing complete course of learning for children and adults alike!

Herbal Roots zine is a lovingly handcrafted homespun herbal publication.
Each issue of Herbal Roots zine is beautifully illustrated. Author and illustrator Kristine Brown uses vibrant color pencils and water colors to bring her illustrations and the plants alive. Plants are lifelike and well represented.

Subscriptions start with the current issue and run for 12 consecutive months. (Back issues are for sale on this website). Please note this is a PDF zine only and you will not receive a paper copy of it. You are welcome to print off as many copies as you need for your own personal use.