Calendula – Issue 7



August’s edition of Herbal Roots Zine is available for purchase now! Each issue is getting bigger and this month is no exception…it’s twenty-four pages long!

This month, you’ll learn all about calendula and her amazing healing power. Grow calendula in a pot for wintertime enjoyment, make felt flowers, learn to make an oil and salve, shampoo and more! Go back to Mayan times and discover how Calendula became a bright healer. Plus, lots of games to make learning fun: a crossword puzzle, maze, word scramble and search and a matching game plus songs and poems.

You can follow along the daily calendar to find suggestions on what to study each day, making it easy to incorporate Herbal Roots Zine with your home schooling or after schooling schedules.

(Items in red have been added to the issue)

Cavorting with Calendula – August 2009’s Table of Contents:

Note to Parents
*Updated as a 4 week calendar block* Calendar
Herb Spirits
 All About…Calendula
Word Scramble,  Search and More
Herbal Lore: Kal En Chulla: Bright Healer
Songs and Poems: Cal-en-dula, Can You?, Golden
*Expanded* Herbal Recipes: Calendula Extract, Golden Oil, Golden Salve, Golden Butter, Golden Shampoo
Coloring Page
Herbal Crafts and More!:*Updated* Herb Pressing/Drawing page, How to Grow Calendula from Seed, Decorate a Flowerpot and Make a Felt Flower
Maze: What Path Will the Barn Swallow Follow to Fly Over the Calendula?
*Updated* Herbal Journal: A Place to Record Your Discoveries and Writings about Calendula
*Expanded* Crossword Puzzle
*Updated* Resource Guide: Books to Read, Games to Play, Websites to Explore
Back Pages

24 48 pages, including the cover.


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