February 2010 – Wonderful Willow



It’s our anniversary! One year of Herbal Roots Zine. What a year it has been. The zine started out at 20 pages and has grown to our biggest issue yet at 31 pages.

This month’s issue is all about Willow. Learn about the origins of aspirin and the medicinal uses of willow as well as some fun and unique crafting ideas.

Wonderful Willow Table of Contents:
Note to Parents
All About…Willow including a multiple choice section at the end
Scramble, Search and More: word search, unscramble the words and find the hidden words
Herbal Lore: Alsoomse Discovers Willow
Songs and Poems
Herbal Recipes: learn how to easily harvest bark, make willow bark infusion, willow leaf infusion (for drinking and bathing in), making willow bark tincture and a bonus word spiral game
Coloring Page
Herbal Crafts and More: make a living playhouse, art charcoal, heart and star ornaments
Herbal Journal: record your thoughts and experiments about willow
Crossword Puzzle
Resource Page

31 pages cover to resource page.


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