Yarrow – Issue 6



Learn all about the great medicine yarrow gives us while reading stories, doing puzzles, making crafts and herbal remedies.

Read about how Yarrow got her “mille” tattered leaves; make a spray to keep bugs away; make a floral arrangement that will cheer you up through the dark days of winter and much more!
There’s lots to do and explore in this month’s edition!
REVISED Yippee for Yarrow Table of Contents:

Note to Parents

Supply List


*NEW* Herbal Spirits

All About…Yarrow

*NEW* Glossary

Word Search

*NEW* Botany

Herbal Lore: How Yarrow Got Her Tattered Leaves

Songs and Poems

Herbal Recipes: Learn to Make a Spray That Keeps Mosquitoes Away, Make a Facial Toner and a Fever Reducer Tea

Coloring Page

Herbal Crafts and More!: Make Pick Up Sticks, Dried Flower Arrangements and Press a Leaf and Flower

*NEW* How Many Words

Maze: Which Path Will Take the Caterpillar to the Yarrow?

Herbal Journal: A Place to Record Your Discoveries and Writings about Yarrow

Crossword Puzzle: Test Your Knowledge of Yarrow

Resource Guide: Books to Read, Games to Play, Websites to Explore

*NEW* Final Pages, including answer key

52 pages, including the cover


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