Lavender – Issue 30



The lazy days of summer are upon us! Sit back, make yourself a tall glass of Lavender Lemonade and learn all about the soothing and relaxing properties of Lavender. As an analgesic, Lavender is very soothing to burns, including sunburns so she is wonderful to have on hand this time of year.

You and your child(ren) will have fun exploring Lavender through recipes such as Herbes de Provence, Lavender Water, Lavender Honey, Lavender Syrup and much more! Check out what’s in store for this month’s journey on the herbal path:

Loving on Lavender Table of Contents:

Note to Parents

Calendar of Activities for the Month

Herb Spirit: How Do You See Lavender?

All About…Lavender

Scramble, Search and More: Word Search, Tongue Twister, Unscramble the Words, Number Square

Herbal Lore: Lavender Teaches Love and Forgiveness

Songs and Poems: Sweet Stress Relief, Lavender Heals

Herbal Recipes: Herbes de Provence, Lavender Poached Peaches, Lavender Syrup, Lavender Honey, Lavender Vinegar, Lavender Water, Lavender Lemonade, Lavender Tea

Coloring Page

Herbal Crafts and More: Pressing Lavender, Lavender Eye Pillow, Lavender Bath Salts

Maze: Can You Find Your Way to the Lavender?

Herbal Journal: Record your journey with Lavender

Crossword Puzzle

Resource Page

PDF digital file – 37 pages from Cover to Resource page.


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