Chamomile – Issue 17



June’s issue is available now! This month is all about that sweet herb Chamomile. Everyone I talk to seems to have a sweet affinity to her and its no wonder as she is so gentle but amazing!

This issue will teach you all about her healing powers through stories, games, puzzles, mazes, facts, recipes, crafts and more!

Learn how to make a Chamomile ointment, Chamomile glycerite and Chamomile infusion that is strong enough to bust up kidney & gall stones! Make a dream pillow and hair rinse that will brighten up blonde and light colored hair. Learn to identify flower parts, even on the not so obvious chamomile flower heads (did you know the yellow ‘center’ of the flower is actually a bunch of flowers all grouped together?!).


Calming Chamomile – June 2010’s Table of Contents:

Note to Parents
*Updated as a 4 week calendar block* Calendar
Herb Spirits
*Expanded* All About…Chamomile
*Expanded* Scramble, Search and More: Do a Word Search, Unscramble the Words, Circle the Energetics, Vitamin Soup
Herbal Lore: Camomile Toughens Up
Songs and Poems: Cinquain, Chamomila
*Expanded* Herbal Recipes: Chamomile Infusion, Chamomile Glycerite, Chamomile Oil, Chamomile Ointment, Chamomile Honey
Coloring Page
Herbal Crafts and More:*Updated* Herb Pressing/Drawing page, Making Dream Pillows and Chamomile Hair Rinse
*Updated* Herbal Journal: Record Your Thoughts and Experiences with Chamomile
Crossword Puzzle
*Updated* Resource Page
Back Pages

PDF digital file – 46 pages from Cover to Resources


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