Red Clover – Issue 29



Summer is creeping up on us! Here in the midwest, we’ve been experiencing a delay but the warm days are coming more often and the herbs and vegetables are finally starting to get some growth on them. Herbs are beginning to flower in earnest, a bit behind schedule but still, as sure as the sun shines, they make their appearances. 

Red Clover is often overlooked as a nourishing, healing plant, often given to livestock as wintertime feed but it is one of the best anti-cancer herbs around. Red Clover is great for working with tumors and encased cysts, especially those appearing on the upper body. He also makes a wonderful cough remedy.

This month you and your child will learn to make several Red Clover remedies, have fun with some sweet Red Clover crafts and much more! Check out what’s in store for this month’s journey on the herbal path:

Crazy for Clover Table of Contents:

Note to Parents

Calendar of Activities for the Month

Herb Spirit: How Do You See Red Clover?

All About…Red Clover

Scramble, Search and More: Word Search, How Many Words Can You Make?, Matching Words to Shapes, Number Square

Herbal Lore: How Red Clover Came to Be

Songs and Poems: Red Clover, The Shade of Red, Not Just for Bees and Cattle

Herbal Recipes: Red Clover Sprouts, Red Clover Infusions, Herbal Candy Balls, Red Clover Syrup

Coloring Page

Herbal Crafts and More: Pressing Red Clover, Clover Posies, Red Clover Hair Decorations

Maze: Find Your Way through the Red Clover

Herbal Journal: Record your journey with Red Clover

Crossword Puzzle

Resource Page

35 pages from Cover to Resource page.


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