september calendar – sep 16

how’s your elderberry glycerin coming along? if you started it 2 weeks ago, you can strain it off and finish it up today! just in time to prepare for flu season.

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    I think mamaroots and I stumbled across the same look alike judging from her blog post today. Pokeweed looks A LOT like Elderberry and is VERY POISONOUS from what I have researched. We had a close call and it was only after some very careful checking against photos of elderberry that we stopped and inquired with a local naturalist. I shudder to think what could have happened if we were a little less careful. I think perhaps a little more information on identifying the herbs and talking about harmful look alikes might be helpful. We were also told by the local naturalist that elderberry doesn't grow in our area (she thinks) — boohoo!

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