september calendar – sep 4

write an acrostic poem using the letters from elderberry. here’s mine:

Lore filled history
Diuretic and diaphoretic
Encourages normal bowel movements
Rich in Vitamins A and C
Best taken as a flu preventative
Enjoyed as a wine and syrup
Remedy for

share your poems with us and post what you’ve written in the comments!

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    ok, don't laugh! the kids and i wrote this one. i asked what they remembered from the All About Elderberry section and they offered! I obviously tinkered with their choices to make them fit…

    Elder protects
    Look! The King of Fairies!
    Dryad guarding
    Evil spirits beware!
    Requires permission
    Becomes flutes and furniture
    Every illness cured
    Refrain from burning her wood
    Remember to take each day
    Young and old kept healthy

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