september calendar – sep 7

want to win a copy of tony(a) lemos’ ‘an herbal summer‘? tell me in the comments how you incorporate herbs into your homeschooling or after schooling routines for a chance to win! all comments must be posted by thursday, september 10 and the winner will be announced on friday, september 11.

this book is a great little wealth of herbal information. and, it’s not just for summer! it can be used year round to supplement your herbal learning.

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    momma rae

    though my kids are very young and technically not homeschooling just yet, we use herbs in many ways around here. my oldest really enjoys being able to point out herbs when we are outdoors and sharing with others the many wonderful uses that they have. makes a mother proud! 😉

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    Herbal Roots has actually become the foundation of our day- it is the thing that gets the kids excited about 'homeschool'.

    Every time Kassi (5yo) recognizes an herb or wildflower outside she wants to put it in her Herbarium, and if she doesn't know the plant wants to identify it and learn if it has healing properties. It has really been fun around here since we first sang the "Marshmallow" song!

    We use herbs every day. The best part is that the kids are involved and know which herbs are for which ailment. How empowering!

    tabitha, not karl

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    My children are also rather young, so just going outside and gathering plants together and talking about what we will use them for is big part of herbs in our day.

    We also enjoy leaving gifts for the plants.


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    Herbal teaching happens every day without me really trying to. Whenever we go out to the garden to pick a bouquet, or harvest herbs or veggies, we talk about what is growing nearby. Whenever I'm making medicine, or we are taking any herbs, we talk about how they work. When Kaia was 3 she was able to identify chickweed and thought it was the most wonderful thing that she could grab a snack straight from the ground!

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    We are big fans of the Wildcraft game and play that. We id plants in and around our yard and learn as much about them as we can. I love hearing my son wonder what different plants are, and what they are useful for!

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    My three oldest girls love the Herbal Roots Mag, and we use it almost daily. It's been such a fun thing watching them start to make their own tinctures, etc.

    We also do a lot of nature hikes, and they can identify a surprising number of plants wherever they go.



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    Jenny B

    We do not homeschool but every day when the weather is nice, we go on nature walks and try to identify wild herbs. We love going through the herbal roots of the current month and doing all the activities. We have quite a collection of dried herbs so if we aren't able to find it fresh, chances are its in the dried herbs! Aidan is EXTREMELY interested in the healing properties of herbs and if one of us is not feeling well, he is the first to mention that we should get some herbs out! 🙂 Its really cute. I was a bit surprised by that but he sure got the hang of it quickly!

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    I would like to use herbs more in our schooling and really like waldorf, so this book sounds wonderful. We have some herbs growing in the garden and some wild volunteers, like plantain and yarrow. We also have things like lambsquarter and purslane. We like to go on walks in the woods and wonder at all the pretty plants and flowers we see growing, but I can't identify many.
    I also have made my own tinctures and salves, so we use those products and also drink herbal teas.
    My youngest son is showing interest in plants, so I am hoping to incorporate more into our days over the school year.

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    Just the way homeschooling is our lifestyle, using herbs and learning about them is too. As I write, my two oldest, 3 and 6 are mashing some elderberries to make ink and dye. But I have to say what excites me the most about learning this way is that their eyes become truly open to the natural world. For the first time we recognized that we have elderberries on grandma's property and then chokeberries too. The best was this last weekend when we visited a ski mountain and rode the lift to the top for the view. While I was smelling the sap on some alpine fir, my daughter said, "mom, you are stepping on huckleberries!" I think children find this type of learning to be inherently engaging and there's never any complaints about picking herbs to use for crafts or medicine! That's what we all want, knowledge that has purpose.

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