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Has your subscription to Herbal Roots zine lapsed? Have you wanted to subscribe but just haven’t gotten around to it? Well, now’s the time to renew or get that subscription you’ve wanted while helping out a great cause. I’ll explain more about that in a minute but first, I want to talk to you about something that is very important in the herbal world, sustainability of our plants.

Many people have started seeing the importance of the food they feed their families. They are learning about the dangers of GMOs, herbicides and pesticides and do their best to keep the exposure to these poisons away from their children and loved ones. Because of consumer demand, farmer’s markets are cropping up in towns all across the country (yay!) and the commercial food industry’s jumping on the bandwagon, so to speak, offering more natural ingredients in their products.

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But what about our supplements and medicinal herbs?

While we can attend farmer’s markets, get to know the farmers who grow the produce and raise the animals, often there are not local herb growers to supply us with our herbs for medicinal use. Where do our herbs come from? Are they sustainably grown? Are they free from pesticides and other toxic substances that shouldn’t be there?

As an advocate for the plants, I have always encouraged folks to grow their own herbs or harvest them from the wild in locations that have not been sprayed. But the reality is, not everyone can do that. And there are times that I can’t do that either. So where do we turn?


The commercial herb industry has some wonderful companies who care about this but unfortunately, there aren’t enough to go around. You may have noticed this too when trying to order your herbs from reputable herb companies, the herb you need is sold out. So then what? If we cannot buy it within the herbal community, we are forced to try to find herbs that may not be as sustainably sourced. This has bothered many of us herbalists for a long time and now, herbalist Ann Armbrecht (co-producer of Numen) has decided to do something about it and has launched a campaign to raise awareness about the sustainability of herbs.

This is important for anyone who is interested in herbal medicine, whether you choose to become an herbalist or simply have a working knowledge to help your family and friends when they are ill. As herbs become more popular and the demand increases, the supply needs to keep up but it also needs to remain sustainable.


And because it’s SO important, I have offered up TEN annual subscriptions of Herbal Roots zine to help support the campaign!

That’s right, 10 lucky people will be able to kill 2 birds with one stone! By supporting the campaign, they will also receive a subscription to Herbal Roots zine. And, if you’re already a subscriber, they have many other wonderful gifts from folks such as Paul Bergner, jim mcdonald, Henriette Kress, Rosemary Gladstar, United Plant Savers, The Essential Herbal and many more.

EDITED TO ADD: You will still receive the bonuses that you would receive if you subscribed directly from my website.

You can be a part of this sustainability by helping to support Ann in her campaign. Please take a moment to check out her campaign and read more about why this project is so important to the herbal community. Once you’ve done so, consider sharing her kickstarter page with all your friends and contributing a few dollars to her kickstarter project if you can. Sharing her page will only take a few moments and will help to show your support of herbal sustainability, regardless of your ability to contribute financially.


At this point, Ann only has 6 days left to get the funds needed to move forward with this project. It would only take everyone who’s reading this to contribute only $5 each for this project to be fully funded! Please help as much as you can, as jim mcdonald said so well: “Ann Armbrecht’s Sustainable Herbs Project can add a whole new layer of understanding and empowerment to this endeavor (of knowing where our herbs come from). Yes, it’s supporting Ann and it’s supporting her project, but it’s also, to an even larger degree, supporting the *plants* that are so dear to us, and work so much healing in our worlds. And that return of support is a part of a pledge that we, as herbalists, take in practicing our art. Please, consider what you can offer, and give what feels good in your heart.”


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    Thank you, Kristine!!

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    Rachel W.

    Good afternoon! I was just checking your site to look into a subscription and saw this. If I go through the kickstarter campaign, would all the bonuses you offer with the regular subscription be available? Thanks for your time, and your excellent zine.

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    Hi Rachel,

    Yep, all the bonuses apply. 🙂

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    Rachel W.

    Great, thanks!

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    Laurie Wind

    All Gone 🙁

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