February 5, 2014 Calendar Entry

Today, we will be making an Eucalyptus Flee Fleas Bed. For those of you with animals, you may be interested in trying this recipe at home. It would also make a great gift! Turn to page 37 for the supply list and directions. We hope that you enjoy our no itching solution!

January 8, 2014 Calendar Entry

We hope that you enjoyed your Hot (or iced) Lemonade yesterday. Are you ready to learn how to write secret messages? Turn to page 31 to learn what you can do with a little bit of juice and a secret ingredient.

December 5, 2013 Calendar Entry

We hope that you enjoyed starting your Vanilla extracts, yesterday. Take notes on how your extracts smell, taste, and look. In 4-6 weeks, it will be interesting to notice the differences. For today, let’s turn to page 34 to begin our next craft.  We are making Felt Vanilla Flowers! What a wonderful way to brighten […]

August 27, 2013 Calendar Entry

Good morning! We hope that you have had a wonderful weekend. A couple of weeks ago, we learned how to make Thistle Cordage. If you would like to know more, we have provided a link to our preferred youtube videos in the Reference and Resource section on page 39. Enjoy! You can get your own […]

July 10, 2013 Calendar Entry

California Poppy flowers are so brightly colored and full of energy. They gladden hearts large and small. Today, we are bringing a little of their joy into our living spaces by making bouquets. For a bouquet that will lasts through the seasons, we will be using tissue paper and embroidery floss. To begin the craft, […]

December 13, 2012 Calendar Entry

Touch is so essential to our health! Massages from ourselves do not feel near as good as massages from another person, especially those that we love and love us. Spa Days with the family can help us to reconnect to one another. Today, we are sharing our recipe for a Nutmeg Facial Mask. Nutmeg is […]

November 29, 2012 Calendar Entry

We hope that you enjoyed making Cranberry Dye this month! Today, we’re learning how to make Cranberry Ink! Children (and adults) will be delighted when they learn how to make their own ink for their projects. I know our children love to draw with the juices from several different fruits. Ink to write with is […]

November 20, 2012 Calendar Entry

We hope that you have had great fun making Cranberry Dye. What have you dyed? Did you notice that different materials turn different colors? We’d love to know about your adventures! Don’t have this month’s issue yet? Check out this month’s issue of Herbal Roots zine for only $7.99: Or, you can subscribe for an entire […]

November 16, 2012 Calendar Entry

Today, we’re crafting Cranberry Dye! The dye can be used for fabric, yarn, hair, eggshells, ink, paper, and as paint. I hope you have as much fun as we do with Cranberry dye! We’d love to see pictures! Don’t have this month’s issue yet? Check out this month’s issue of Herbal Roots zine for only $7.99: […]

September 27, 2012 Calendar Entry

We’re finishing up our liniment today. How did yours turn out? Remember that liniment is for external use only. Don’t have the issue about Prunella yet? Grab it here:   Or, you can subscribe for an entire year of Herbal Roots zine for just $47. Not ready to purchase yet? Sign up for our free […]

September 25, 2012 Calendar Entry

Today, we’re dyeing with Prunella! On page 30 of your zine, there are step by step instructions on how to make Prunella Dye.  The dye will turn out to be a mild chartreuse color. What has been your experience with natural dyes? We’re looking forward to seeing your finished products! Don’t have the issue about […]

September 21, 2012 Calendar Entry

We hope that you have enjoyed the recipes for crafting medicinal remedies with Prunella. Kristine has another recipe for you: Prunella Lip Balm! It has antiviral and vulnerary properties for soothing chapped lips and healing cold sores. I don’t know about the weather where you live, but in the midwest, our nights are getting cooler. […]

September 18, 2012 Calendar Entry

We’re crafting cream today! Prunella healing cream is soothing on cuts, wounds, sunburns, bruises, sprains, scrapes, and inflammations. Remember the other name for Prunella? Self-Heal? This cream would be great to have on hand for most of the harm done on the skin. The recipe calls for 2 oz. of Prunella infused coconut oil. The […]