October 2, 2013 Calendar Entry

Today, we are harvesting Crampbark twigs. When you are out and about, be on the look out for a deciduous shrub of about 13-16 feet in length. If the shrub is of the Crampbark variety, the leaves should grow opposite of each other. They are three lobed and grow to be 2-4 inches long as […]

September 4, 2013 Calendar Entry

When you are out for a walk, be sure to look around for the New England Aster. She is a late bloomer with radiant purple flowers with vivid yellow flowers in the center. She is sticky to the touch. When you find her, take time to get to know her. Take in her smell. Taste […]

August 7, 2013 Calendar Entry

We hope that you have found Milk Thistle in your area. Yesterday, we learned about how to harvest her seeds. Today, we are expanding our knowledge by focusing on the stems of Milk Thistle. Turn to page 30 for directions on how to harvest them. Pages 31 and 32 will walk you through how to […]

August 6, 2013 Calendar Entry

One of our family’s favorite activities is to search for the herb of the month.  Sometimes, we find it in our own backyard.  Other times, we have to be on the look out while playing in parks,  driving on roads more or less traveled,  and on hikes. This month, Milk Thistle’s bright pink flowers have […]