March 15, 2013 Calendar Entry

 Leaf rubbing activities have been one of our family’s most favorite ways to enjoy nature. During a walk, listening to sounds of birds, noticing signs of the changing seasons, and picking up fallen leaves have been highlights of our days. Today, Kristine is sharing a craft idea that includes a leaf rubbing of our herb […]

February 7, 2013 Calendar Entry

At the beginning of each month, our family looks forward to receiving the next issue of Herbal Roots Zine! We love all the herbal learning and activities. We also love the illustrations! Kristine is so talented! The illustrations are so detailed and colorful! We pore over the pictures almost as much as we do over […]

September 19, 2012 Calendar Entry

We have worked on herbal crafting with Prunella over the last couple of weeks. From the Heal All Liniment to Prunella Healing Cream, we have crafted medicinal remedies that heal most afflictions of the skin. We’re excited to see your adventures and how you are using this herb! If you’d like to share, feel free […]

August 22, 2012 Calendar Entry

We have worked on herbal crafting with Basil for the last few weeks. From Basil Vinegar to Basil Massage Oil, we have learned that Basil is not only a culinary but a medicinal herb as well. Today, we want to see your journey in pictures on our Flickr page! So, head on over to http://www.flickr.com/groups/herbalrootszine […]