April 8, 2014 Calendar Entry

Good morning! It is so good to see you at Herbal Roots Zine! What do you think of the giveaway from yesterday? Can you believe that our friends at Attar Herbs and Spices are gifting us with 2 half pound packages of roasted Chicory root to give away to one of our lucky readers? There’s […]

March 28, 2013 Calendar Entry

Poetry. Poetry is a large part of life. Whether one is sitting at a table with a pen in hand, typing on a computer, walking in the woods, or just sitting still, poetry is all around. Breathe in. Breathe out. Look up. Look down. What do you see? Close your eyes. What do you feel? […]

January 4, 2013 Calendar Entry

Aloe vera plants grow in pots or desert ground offer their medicine to us Relief Today, we are excited to share a poem that was written by Kristine. In the world of poetry, the poem above is called a cinquain. There are two more poems for your reading pleasure on page 22. At the bottom, you […]