Taste of Herbs Course


Last week I posted a link to get your free copy of the Taste of Herbs Flavor Wheel. There was an overwhelming response with how awesome this chart is for understanding the tastes and energetics of herbs. Today they’ve opened up enrollment for the course. While I try to cover a lot of information in each issue of Herbal Roots zine, I really only am able to touch on the tastes and energetics of herbs and I feel that this course is an excellent complimentary course for kids of any age who would like to have a deeper understanding about this aspect of herbal medicine.

If you’d like to enroll, or even just see what this course is all about, head on over to the Taste of Herbs website and check it out today! This course has limited enrollment but once you’re in, you have access to the website and course for as long as it exists in the internet world. And even more awesome, they are giving away a poster of the Flavor Wheel to all who enroll!

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