Two More Days…

until the launch of Herbal Roots! i’m very excited! Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside:

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    Gorgeous! I plan to blog about the chickweed issue, but since it is trial, do you want me to wait until it is released? I’ll link to the marshmallow one as well.

    I love the little root drawing.

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    I am very excited. I have people who have been asking me when it will be done!

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    comfrey cottages

    i just love these pictures and things but getting on board late an unsure…is this going to be something you offer online on for order? beautiful work! hugs from leslie

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    leslie – it’s a monthly downloadable activity packet that teaches kids (adults can learn from it too though!) about herbs. tomorrow, i’m launching it in my etsy shop.

    robbyn – thank you!

    stephany – that is great! thank you for promoting it.

    gina – thank you! if you could hold off until march, that would probably be best so i won’t confuse people.

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    comfrey cottages

    thanks for explaining tansy! very cool indeed and i will be checking there tomorrow! i got the learningherbs wildcraft game for my grandkids for christmas and they are learning so much and we are having a blast! i think it awesome you have created this new Herbal Roots and can’t wait to check it out! hugs from leslie

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