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today i wanted to introduce a wonderful woman named beth judy who does a 90 second spot on community radio stations around the country.

she goes by the name of flora delaterre, plant detective and each week she discusses one particular herb. From her website:

“The show doesn’t endorse herbal medicine, rather it provides general information about medicinal plants, including efficacy, benefits, risks, and lore. The show is free and available to any public or community radio station. Its goals are:

  • To provide information about benefits, risks, and efficacy of individual medicinal plants
  • To increase awareness of plants and their vital importance to people
  • To encourage the active preservation and protection of plants and plant species
  • To increase appreciation for the amazing natural systems around us–including our own bodies
  • To entertain and encourage
  • To stimulate demand for more research on phytomedicinal compounds”

beth has been doing the plant detective show since 1996. beth’s website has several radio shows archived. unfortunately, calendula is not one of them but many other herbs are listed. beth is also the author of a wonderful coloring book that features 14 medicinal herbs entitled medicinal plants of north america. this coloring book is geared to kids 7 and up and is quite lovely. tomorrow, i’ll be offering a coloring book in a giveaway! visit beth judy’s website today and come back here tomorrow to sign up for a chance to win a free copy of flora’s coloring book.

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    We are so excited to have won the August issue from MamaRoots! Thank you for making that available. And we are loving the yarrow issue (especially singing the song) 🙂 .
    I'm so glad you are doing so much to make herbal learning exciting. My children will be able to use "diaphoretic" in a sentence! Wow!

    Oh yes, we plant medicinal herbs, try to educate people about them, and also spread the word to use the herbs growing all around us, instead of exotic ones. We feel there's so much to do, but we're glad we can do what little we can.



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