What Are We Missing?

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Herbal Roots zine was started back in 2009. Now that we’ve got a few years under our belt, we are looking to make it an even better experience for kids! Please take a moment to let us know what you’d like to see in future issues and on our website. We are going strong into our 6th year of publication and we want to know:

-What would you like to see in each issue of HRz that is not currently in there?

-What would you like us to add to our website? Videos? MP3’s of the songs and/or stories? Option to request paper copies?

-Anything else you’d like to suggest?

-How did you learn about HRz?

Leave your answers in the comments!

2 Responses to “What Are We Missing?”

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    I would love to see how to video’s. Then when I could sit down and learn I would have you by my side and my grand daughters. Great site.

  2. 2
    Christopher Sigle

    Maybe in your Freebies Section, if you guys found someone to make coloring pages of plants with some kid friendly germination and planting instructions and or identification info of the plant.

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