Yarrow First Aid Video



Today, 7song is sharing a bit about Yarrow as a great first aid herb to have on hand.

Do you have Yarrow growing in your garden? This is one of the first herbs that I discovered growing in my backyard after I started learning about herbs. I squealed with excitement over the find and have used it ever since. When my oldest son was a little guy (he’s 18 now) he used to get nose bleeds daily. Yarrow was our constant companion to help stop the bleeding. He is possibly scarred from life with memories of green leaves sticking out of his nose but more likely, he will remember for life that Yarrow was the plant we used to stop those scary nosebleeds. Luckily, his need for Yarrow being stuffed up his nose faded as he grew and his nosebleeds stopped.

This great little plant to have around was also one of the first herbs I wrote about in the early days of Herbal Roots zine and one I love to teach kids about. Yarrow is so easy to grow and so useful, no herb garden is complete without it.

This video is a great compliment to the Yarrow issue of Herbal Roots and I think you and your kids will enjoy it!

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